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Updated: May 12, 2021

Dear Beautiful Child

I want to start be saying, I’m sorry.

I’m Sorry this world hasn’t been kind.

That it hasn’t helped you become who you really are.

So Many Mask and Habits have been created to how we speak to ourselves as well as people in our lives.

Receiving in the purest form of love is going to hurt, because its not what this world offers, It's all quick fixes and temporary joy when you’ve been craving pure Joy and Peace and receiving this is YOURS to HAVE and to KEEP.

Through this I have only question:

Who have you given the pen of your life to?

Family and their expectations of you? (OH MY, still struggling with this today)

Through Relationships with people? (Been hurt too many times by people to love myself)

Your Environment? (My natural habitat growing up has never been peaceful)

These places I’ve mention have been a place where my value was chucked around out of a lack of care and looking after... SO this Platform Is For YOU.

Speaking love and life into you through stories.

Reminding you that you are not alone.

Because NO ONE in this world

is YOU,

and if you weren’t in it,

this world wouldn’t

be beautiful



Love Leah X

Reach Out & Get Heard!

We need your perspective. Use #speakupnation on Instagram or get in touch with us through the contact page to share your story.

You can use the additional hashtags (#ispeakup #speakupworld ) on your posts to get noticed by our reps.

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